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What is responsible for all the buzz around renting a photo booth for your festival?

This interesting sort of wedding festivity satisfaction is taking wedding events to a new height.

Here are some of the well-researched reasons why you need a photo booth for your event.

Fitting For All Ages

“I should state that I truly adored the photo booth and so did the guests!” A couple-to-be said.

“It was wonderful, such a good source of laugh and it further proved to be a thing that both the little ones and the grandparents might partake in. I have the photos in my pack and I never forget to show them to new people I meet. It is fabulous! An abundance of thanks again!”


Theme Customization

Do you have a great idea for your big day?

Regardless of whether you long for a cold-weather month’s heaven, time at the coastline or even just a shading, our team may take the props to match your concept.

Our company can easily also tailor-make your printings to match. And, if your finances permit, we can easily tailor-make the cubicle completely!



Your guests will worship it. Our specialists continually have a line up to engage the wedding venue and when participants show up they are all smiles; so much so that they return always!

“The Photo Booth was the highlight of the night and everybody was excited with the photos,” one of our to-be couples stated.

“A debt of gratitude for helping to make our night one to remember!”


Buzz sound

Do you want your wedding service to standout?

A photo booth from Social Booth Plus will keep your guests going on and on about it for several weeks.

“I honestly thought to send you another note again to say thank you,’’ another bride said.

“Everyone at the event had good things to say about the photo booth. I will most definitely recommend your company to anyone in future,” she concluded.


High-Grade End Results

Currently, existing photo booths come with lots of qualities and technology. Ours is no exception.

All of our photo booths are packed with the latest superior studio equipment for great photography.

We make sure your prints are of the highest quality possible. These photos are of so much quality that they can be printed into a large canvas and hanged in guest’s homes.


Love Sharing

Your guests will not only receive copies of the fun photos taken on the night but, we will surely upload all ‘neat’ photos from the even to your own Facebook album!

This helps you proceed with the fun for quite a long time after the main event is over. Friends and family members will continue to tag themselves and comment on the photos.


To book a Mirror Plus (Photo Booth) for your Wedding Day call us and our team on 9882-6678, email at sales@socialbooth.plus or visit socialbooth.plus.com


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