Change Your Events Into More Social Ones With An Instagram Photo Printer
2021-06-01 08:30:00

What is Instagram?


Instagram is a mobile-based photo-sharing social media platform that allows individuals to take photos and share them on their Instagram mobile application.


The majority of Instagram posts are labelled with a ‘Hashtag’ which makes it possible for an image to be searched for and easily discovered by many other Instagram users.


Just to bring to the fore how famous the Instagram application is. Here are some interesting statistics:


  • Instagram Daily photo posts now outdo Facebook image posts!
  • Instagram has over 75 Million active users every single day.
  • About 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35 years. Out of this, 51% are males and 49% are females.

What Does Hashtag Mean?

Hashtags are explained as keywords or keyphrases attached to a post on the photo-sharing platform which is used to organize and locate images on the platform.


A hashtag always begins with a (#) sign. For instance, a hashtag could be a couple’s wedding hashtag. Eg. (@Nelsonandeva)

Or a company’s name such as (#SocialBoothPlus).


Today, it is a popular feat that at various wedding events, a unique hashtag is printed on the cocktail napkins and custom signage to ensure that guests take photos at the event with their phones and other mobile devices.

They can then tag the photos with the event hashtag and then post the photos on Instagram.


By so doing, all guests can quickly view the image on the Instagram application.



A Photo Booth For Our Instagram Generation!

For as much as the standard photo booths are set to remain for a very long time, there is a new kind of photo booth experience that takes full advantage of the increasing popularity of Instagram.


Meet the Hoot #Hashtag Instagram Printer kiosk, a self-contained kiosk with an integrated dye-sublimation printer and a beautiful tablet-based touchscreen display.


It contains some smart software that continuously scans the Instagram application for the event hashtag and creates a gallery of all the photos retrieved on the printer’s touchscreen display.


The device comes with two print modes. It can either be set to Auto-print each photo or it can also be set to print photos as per demand.


The photos are printed on a 4 X 6 print paper or card and the template can be personalized to include the event’s hashtag, Instagram comments and other features.

The Instagram printer is a great service to add to your Photo booth rental business.

Interestingly, there is an influx of rental businesses focusing solely on Instagram printing. This is especially so for businesses that are focused on corporate clients.


Including an Instagram Photo Printing service in your business is as easy as buying the Instagram printer and listing the service on your company’s website.


It is of great value to have a separate webpage for this service. We have noticed that corporate companies and individuals from 35 years and below instantly understand the Instagram Printing service and the benefits it comes with.


In terms of pricing, most rental companies will price the Instagram Printer booth at almost the same rate as the traditional booth or a 20% higher rate per hour.



As indicated above, when the Printer is set to Auto-print mode, it can be left unattended to and guests can select their photos from the image gallery and get them printed.

We are happy to answer your questions about Instagram Printing and our full lineup of photo booth kiosks! Kindly contact us or give us a call via +852 6626 0100


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