Here Is The Best Wedding Photo Booth Alternative
2021-11-01 08:30:00

If you are hoping to hire a photo booth for your wedding, then this might not be for you.


The most important thing to know here is that our unmanned corner camera is not a booth.


It doesn’t come with any fancy backdrops.


There is no need for any fancy assistant holding a curtain for you.


So what at all is it about?

Here we’re introducing the Unnamed Corner Camera!


I had the thought of using a spare camera as a wedding photo alternative as an added alternative to my wedding photography somewhere last year.


It sounded like a simple plan at first. Just to put the camera in the corner and let the guests take their photos with it.


Just as most Do-It-Yourself brides might have discovered, putting a DIY photo booth together might be more difficult than you think.

A Truly Do-It-Yourself Wedding Photo Booth Alternative


When working at a wedding event, my primary job is taking photographs, not manning a photo booth.


I always have to ensure that whatever I setup can run on itself and not take me away from my main work.


This is the major headache concerned with setting up a self-service photo booth.


How to create something so simple such that everyone can shoot the camera, get into the right spot and also make sure the photo was well-focused and finally see the photo straight away. This eventually turned out to be a complex set of hurdles to overcome.


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