Instagram GIF Files Are Opening New Doors for Public Relations and Marketing
2021-05-01 08:30:00

The web’s preferred tool is making a stop at Instagram soon.


The company has announced that it would soon introduce a collaboration with GIPHY – one of the leading outlets providing GIF files.


How would communicators and brand executives use GIFs when posting on Instagram stories?


The most fundamental rules for GIF files still apply… And these include exercising restraint and choosing photos that have a long enough flow-time so that they do not become so annoying.


Brand managers are advised to add sass to boring messages and provide details for instructional materials.


The room for using GIFs is already available to all users who have upgraded their apps to the newest edition.


Refinery29 explained the various kinds of GIFs available for Instagram stories and made mention of how to add or remove them:

If you’re looking to find text-composed GIFs, then look for “Word art”


Searching for the word “effect” will give you sparkles and fireworks which you can use to design your story scene. However, accessories will bring up bunny ears, lip-licking mouths, and other appendages you can use to animate someone’s face.


An individual favourite of ours is the search for “peekers”. This produces GIFs that pop up and disappear or slide-out over an edge.

When you locate the sticker you love, just tap on it to place it on your story.


You can include multiple GIF stickers in a single story and resize them as you wish.


Tapping on a GIF sticker once makes it change its direction.


To take it off altogether, simply press and hold it down. Then move it to the trash.


Some people indicated that integration is part of GIPHY’s connection with Facebook – Instagram’s mother company.


This move is a competitive blow to Snapchat which also gives room for moving stickers.


Another wonderful feature coming to Instagram soon is the ability for individuals to add photos and videos to their Instagram stories without necessarily cropping them.


How do you intend to add GIFs to your Instagram stories for branding and business purposes?


Let us know.


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