Reasons Why You Should Choose a Selfie Mirror Over a Photo Booth
2021-10-01 08:30:00

The selfie mirror booth and the photo booth are both great ways to light up your event with fun.


However, the Selfie mirror booth is a preferred choice for most people.


Find below some reasons:





The Selfie Mirror is smaller and sleeker in its appearance than the traditional photo booth.


For this reason, the Selfie mirror matches perfectly with any given event grounds and takes up lesser space than the traditional booth.


Also, due to the size, there are numerous options as to where to place the booth.



One more advantage of the selfie mirror is that it comes at a full-length. Therefore, it captures a total head-to-toe photo of you and your guests instead of just capturing some parts of your body as is the case of traditional photo booths.

Team Photos

Considering that the Selfie mirror is not enclosed at all, there is an unending possibility regarding the number of guests you can capture in a group photo.

You can ultimately get some bigger group photos with the selfie mirror than with the photo booth.



One more advantage of the selfie mirror being open is the fact that it is more accessible to people with wheel-chairs. It is a full-length photo device so children and people of any height can be in the photo, unlike the photo booth which can only capture some parts of some people.



The Selfie Mirror makes use of the latest technology related to photos. It incorporates fun, creative animations and commands into the photo-capturing process.


The mirror also allows users to sign their names or signatures on their photos before printing them out.

This surely means a lot more fun for you and your guests!

They Are Impressive


Since the Selfie Mirror came onto the events market just last year, there are chances that your guests haven’t seen them before and so they are most likely to be interested and curious when they move around the event venue and come across it.


The Selfie Mirror will impress and add another touch of wow-factor to what you already have at your event.



Just like what your traditional photo booths provide you with, your guests will go home with some brilliant photos printed out to keep as memories of all the wonderful time they’ve had!


We shall also save all the images digitally for you so you can share them on social media.


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