Should You Go For a Magic Mirror Photo Booth?
2021-09-01 08:30:00

Photo booths are a great way of raising the party to the highest height of insanity.


It is a pure source of entertainment. However, do you want to get a little more than just that?


One more touch of craziness doesn’t hurt anyone, right?


This is especially true if the occasion calls for it.

Wait. What if going for an entirely customizable and interactive mirror photo booth for the event?


When you’re able to hire one of those, you will be able to get that extra touch of craziness for your party. So, would you want to get one now?


We shall see to that later, but for now, let’s discuss what a mirror booth is.

What Is a Mirror Booth?


The mirror booth is also known as the magic mirror booth because of the kind of effect it has on guests.


The device is nothing short of a novelty in itself, which invites guests to strike their favourite pose in front of something which looks like a full-length mirror. And then, after successfully posing for the photos, the magical experience begins!


The mirror grows into a lively product on its own, kind courtesy an advanced touchscreen technology.


Guests will then see customized messages before the snap countdown begins.


After everything finishes, the Magic Mirror Photo Booth informs the guests to sign their names on the final photo.


Instantly after that, the photos are ready to be downloaded and can be shared on all social media platforms almost instantly.

Why Is a Mirror Booth A One-Of-A-Kind Idea?

A magic mirror booth comes with several progressive functions. These are:

Identifying Gestures


This is one other beautiful and distinct feature that lots of magic mirrors have. The usual ones come with touchscreen controls, which at most times is a very beautiful feature in event photographs yet some go beyond just being beautiful and detect gestures.


For instance: The booth is automated to begin working when you move an arm


Activation Based On Noise


This is also one of the most-effective and most interesting features of the mirror booth. The feature makes the mirror to be activated when a guest makes a sound with their mouth or clap their hands.




Some mirror photo booths offer an animation sort of feature on photos. This enables users to be able to add animated photos on their pictures to make them look more personal.


Publicising Photos On Social Media Platforms


When you connect a mobile device such as an iPhone, an iPad or a smartphone to the device, you can easily share the photos on your various social media handles within a twinkle of an eye. It is faster, easier and more fun.

Do You Need To Rent One?


Frankly speaking, this is entirely on you. It’s yours to decide. But, why would you not want to have something as interesting as this at your event?


Let’s have a close look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider renting a mirror photo booth for your event:


  1. They come with some sassy props such as hats, masks, goofy glasses and many more. They can make your photo sessions more fun and more fulfilling with every single minute.
  2. You have an option to choose from lots of themes for your photographs. This, therefore, gives you the chance to make your events more personal with each photo.
  3. They can also be tailor-made for whatever event it is.
  4. Again, they do not need any extra work after the installation. So, you can have fun, resting assured that the booth will work just fine.
  5. Also, the magic mirror photo booths are the most cost-effective and will never drill a deep hole in your pocket.
  6. Finally, they come across as a neat, beautiful and classy idea that can fit in perfectly with your event’s theme.

Certainly not something to dislike, right? If you have some extra cash on you which you would want to spend on making your event a beautiful one, then you should get the Mirror Booth now.


Call us on +852 6626 0100 to get yours now.


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