The New iPhone Application ‘Nailbot Printer’ Makes Sure That Your Nails Are Instagram-Perfect
2021-07-01 08:30:00

There is a new iPhone application called Nailbot and it is revolutionizing the look of nails in an Instagram shot.


The project was launched in California and brings some cool technology and beauty together to motivate people around the world to find the best applications for the new technology.

An Instagram Perfect Manicure Goes To Your Fingertips!


It has always been a popular art to see people paint and design their nails.


The trends have changed with time and the Nailbot printer is the new tool likely to bring all those trends together to one place.


This gadget mixes up an app and a small, slim printer to paint the perfect art onto your nails.


No hustles, no travels to the salon and no mess!


What’s more, the Nailbot printer even takes requests and users can enter their designs to be printed on their nails!


This technology is extremely fast and efficient. Therefore, it is inspiring ladies all over the world to discover the power of tech.

Nail Art Just Got Easier And Fun!


With just a few taps on your iPhone application, you can bring your creativity to life.

The amazing fact that this process is so easy and fun is what encourages a lot of people of all ages.


The campaign being used behind this project is even selling make-up kits!



Raising Recognition For Woman Power


The application is aimed at making younger girls express their creativity and combine it with the new technology launched.


The campaign behind the project is also scouting for Ambassadors to push the agenda of newly accessible technology for girls and girl scouts.


The team’s overall goal is to give these people some girl power and inspire them to discover more about robotics, programming and engineering.

Who Is In Charge Of The World?

The mission of this company reads thus; “Every girl can become a CEO, an inventor or an artist or an engineer.”


There is no single label that defines anyone. Therefore, the company pushes to empower all girls to express themselves through creativity and what interests them.


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