Mirror Plus Take Your Event Entertainment to the Next Level with the New Sleek Mirror Plus Booth

Your next photo booth is not a photo booth. It’s a magical piece of glass. So innovative and interactive, most photo booths won’t catch up. It’s a 6-foot-tall smart mirror designed to wow your guests, elevate the fun and capture more shareable memories with just a tap. And you can move it anywhere with ease, record anything, draw, animate, filter, print, and even share to your Instagram Stories 

Its the New Mirror Plus Photo Booth

About The New Mirror Plus Photo Booth 

Introducing the latest photo booth, crafted with a premium aluminum body with heavy-duty versatile wheels, and revolutionary software – All to ensure easy operation, beautiful experience and a lot of fun.

This modern photo booth combines cutting-edge technology along with its extremely fast set up to empower you or your guest to capture, edit and share professional photos and videos.

Now you can print or share your memories in high resolution using 180Plus customizable templates, 450Plus built-in animation and filters.

Event Entertainment Reimagined 

Core Features & Benefits 

Easy Setup

With the Mirror Plus booth being less bulky, it means one person can in less than 10 minutes finish the whole setup process without a sweat. The improved touch sensitivity pair with remote control ensures seamless operation.

Exciting Games and Apps

Built-in games including screaming contest and tic-tac-toe for extra entertainment. Customize your own games and apps according to your own needs. The games will make you pose interestingly and take photos as a winner or even a loser!

High-quality Video Recording

With Mirror Plus advanced camera systems, it just got a whole lot harder to capture bad videos or photos. Shoot and edit the highest-quality video in Full HD right on the Mirror Plus. Mix with your favourite audio tracks and share with just a single tap.

200Plus Green Screen Effects

Let your creativity soar with the updated Green Screen and Kinect feature. Apply special effects and let your guest isolate themselves from the rest of their location and replace it with their desired background in a magical way.

350Plus Built-in Interactive Animations

The Mirror Plus comes with 350Plus premium animations for your guest to interact. With several graphics and emojis to choose from, you can bring the fun to a whole new level. And with the new voice-overs, you can fill the room with great laughter.

Remote Controlled Operation

Go handsfree and still keep all activity running smoothly with the nifty little remote controller feature. Save time performing actions such as photo retaking, restarting workflow, reprinting and many .

Power Augmented Reality

Deepen your clients’ experience and win more contracts by harnessing the power augmented reality. Let your guests immerse themselves in virtual reality by inserting virtual people, objects or scenes to spice up the selfie experience.

Top-notch Photo Personalization

The photo signing and stamping makes the Mirror Plus Booth incredibly versatile. Empower your guest to personalize their photos with unique designs, styles and workflows. You can draw and stamp using over 100Plus built stamps or even sign your name before you print or share.

Awesomely Capture, Edit and Share Unforgettable Memories in a New Fun & Exciting Way Whether you are throwing up a wedding ceremony, corporate events or everything in between, you can wildly capture the imagination of your guests and defy their expectation with the revolutionary Mirror Plus Booth. See what you can do:

Hosting a Fun Packed Event

Events are supposed to be fun and exciting. The all-brand-new Mirror Plus Booth takes your event photography to a whole new height. Packed with over 182Plus customizable templates, whether cute emojis or beautiful filters, you can customize your logo, messages in a way that excites your audience.

Reinvent your Brand Positioning

Brand experience is paramount to your business growth. Defies the expectation of your guests with the Sleek MirrorPlus interactive photo booth exceptional branding abilities! Tell your story in a unique way with brand messaging your prospect can relate.

Create Shareable Memories

Every event is a walk on the steps of memory line. Capture and share all the beautiful moments in a smart way. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies that powered the MirrorPlus, you can capture all the fun and freely share them with your family and friends in print or via social media.

Do More with the Mirror Plus 

This is the booth that’ll transform event entertainment and photography. Whether you’re hosting a wedding party, awards night or friends and family gathering, with the revolutionary Mirror Plus Booth FHD Video recording, 450Plus Experience selection and the Massive leap camera resolutions up to 100x, the way you capture, edit and share your life will never be the same. The New Mirror Plus Booth is perfect for:


Never miss any beautiful moment of your wedding day! Let your guests capture and share their new joy with family and friends in a fun and interactive way. Personalize your frames and messages using over 180Plus built-in workflow presets or take advantage of the 450Plus photo layout designs. Record your own welcoming video and have it play seamlessly on the Mirror Plus in FHD. Make your guests feel welcomed with a new technology that creates lasting memories.

Bridal Shower

Make your bridal shower unforgettable. With the all-new Mirror Plus photo booth, you can excite your guests to give you bigger gifts than they have originally planned. Built with sleek lightweight aluminum body and gorgeous TV like interactive screen coupled with augmented reality, allows your guests to fully immerse themselves into a world of fun and creativity. This way, they can shower you with more expensive gifts.

Baby Shower

How excited do you become when you see your innocent childhood pictures and videos? Don’t let your kid miss their childhood moments when they grow up, With the Mirror Plus booth, you can capture, share or store every bit of your baby shower celebration. The good news is there are 350Plus animations every kid loves.  You can choose from gifs to videos, to instant prints and everything else that makes your baby childhood memories unforgettable.

Product Launches

Double or if not triple the sales of new products when you do launches with the Mirror Plus Photo Booth. Steal your audience attention with a promise that they would have a lot of great photos with this magical smart booth. Let them take photos from Mirror Plus with your logo and messages and they’ll never forget the joyful day spent with your brand!

Customer Acquisition

We all love funny beautiful videos and photos these days. Whether you are a coffee shop owner, hotel or theme park, tap into the immense experience the MirrorPlus presents. Wow, your customers and let them interact with your brand live through the Mirror Plus on-screen gallery or the augmented reality features. Amaze your guests with experiences that they haven’t seen before while turning them into brand advocates.

Corporate Award Ceremony

Take your next awarding event to the next level. This is the photo booth that will change red carpet photography. Unlike other booths, the MirrorPlus is powered by sophisticated software that allows award-winners and other guests to capture the moments of joys with a creative edge. They can add filters, emojis, gifs, etc. and share the joy with their family and friends with just a tap.

School Prom/Graduation Day

Make your prom/graduation day more memorable. With MirrorPlus, you can take funny photos with your classmates and friends. The remote-controlled operation let you go hands-free, so you can take more group pictures. Using the new photo overlay feature, you can easily in an amazingly fun way choose your preferred overlays and filters before you print or share.


We guarantee you a revolutionary experience in how you capture videos and photos on your carnival celebration. Capture and share crisp, colourful carnival content with the staggeringly high-resolution pro camera built in the MirrorPlus. With advanced green screen and the automatic chroma-keying features, you can position yourself anywhere in the world. Spice up the merrymaking with on-screen interactive features that inspire happiness.

Flee Market

Increase your sales faster with a photo booth made to capture attention. Draw in more paying customers with the new Mirror Plus in your next Flee Market show. Unlock revolutionary new ways of doing business and feel the joy of unlimited sales. With the 180Plus filters, 450Plus photo layout and 350Plus animations, you can story tell and reinforce your brand values in a way that unlock new possibilities.

Why Choose the Mirror Plus? 

1. Easy setup and use

The mirror is not complicated to set up and use. It comes with onscreen prompts and step by step instructions, which takes away all guesswork.

2. Ultra-light and thin

Unlike another booth which is bulky and difficult to move, the Mirror Plus features our thinnest finest aluminum body with lightweight wheels to move it anywhere.

3. Print everything at any size

With the built-in DNP RX-1, DS 620A printer, you can print all your photos at once in seconds. Print at all sizes including 6×2, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 without ever worrying about print out quality. Because it’s guaranteed.

4. Superior technology

The Mirror Plus is powered by the blazing-fast T5-87000 / T7-67000 latest generation multi-core microprocessor. This means fast, large Full HD videos, stunning pictures, smooth animation and instant prints that saves you time.

5. Advanced DSLR D77 camera

Think you know the Mirror Plus Booth Camera? Think deeper. Pro cameras combined with a large TV-like display, fast performance, and highly calibrated sensors help you capture the high-quality photos or videos no matter what!

6. Unlimited Sharing Options

Share your captured videos or photos to your friends and family via SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, WeChat and many more with worrying quality.

7. 450Plus Built-in Photo Layout Designs

Choose from over 450Plus photo layout designs or work with 180Plus workflows and filters. Let your creative side come alive with the new interactive Mirror Plus photo booth that beats imagination.

8. Multilingual support

Don’t worry your language is supported. The Mirror Plus photo booth out of the box supports Chinese, English, Spanish, French, etc. with active development to integrate more languages.

How to Rent The Mirror Plus Booth 

Provide the date and venue of the event

Choose from our packages

Make a 5% deposit by online payment to reserve the date and time. We will collect 25% of the fee within 7 days after booking, and the remaining 70% on the 30 day before event day.

Confirm your booking after deposit and provide the contact information of the person-in-charge of the event

To discuss the edition of frame, workflow and more, you will be invited to visit our company and try MirrorPlus in person.

Before the event date, you will receive a confirmation SMS/email.

Our own delivery team will deliver your MirrorPlus with care and on time.

During the event, our professional technician is there to set up the booth and help with any technical problems.

Enjoy your time with your guests with MirrorPlus!

Why Work With Us 

At Social Booth Plus, we provide one-stop service of event planning, production and management for different brands, individuals and companies in Hong Kong. We are a team of dedicated planners, producers, project managers and more who care deeply about your event success. Because of this, we deliver highly targeted promotional messages and experiences that drive impact and achieve results. We uphold the highest standard and strike for perfection in every event we provide to our clients. Tell us about your requirements, and let’s amaze you

Your 100% Satisfaction or Risk Free 14 Day Refund

We guarantee that you’ll love the New Mirror Plus Photo Booth or your money back, no questions asked. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit, we offer a 14-day refund policy upon your confirmed booking. We own more than two Mirror Plus at the office and in case of any accidents including hardware/software breakdown, weather condition or other possible accidents, you are free to choose another product or get a refund.

Ready to Take Your Event Entertainment to the Next Lever? 

Now is the time. Don’t miss is an opportunity! Rent the revolutionary Mirror Plus Photo Booth right now at a massive discount and excite your guests. This offer is truly limited. Well, it is gone forever! Act now.

Mirror Plus Entire Pack

HK$ 8888 4 Hour Service
  • Instant Photo Taking
  • Take Time for 15-20s per photo
  • Unlimited Photo Printing
  • Variety Photo Frame Template
  • Free Installation & Dismantle
  • Free Local Shipping
  • Free Technical Support (On-site Helper x 2)

Professional Consultation

Take Your Event Entertainment to the Next Level with Social Booth Plus

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